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Why Is My SBCGlobal Email Not Working on My iPhone?
12 months ago

Correct POP and IMAP settings are the key to proper configuration. Setting up sbcglobal email on an iPhone can be a tough job but not to worry because here you will be guided with proper sbcglobal email settings for iPhone.


Things to consider while setting up sbcglobal email on iPhone

  • Make sure your iPhone has the latest version iOS installed.
  • Check that your device is connected to a proper and stable internet connection.
  • The crucial step is to enter correct IMAP and POP settings .

 Steps to setup sbcglobal on iPhone:-

  • Go to the settings menu on your I phone
  • Look for contacts, mail and calendar option.
  • Search for “add account” option under the “other” tab if you are unable to find SBCGlobal.net
  • Now enter the information asked such as your name ,current  email address or username with its password and a description under their respective text fields and click on next.
  • Choose IMAP in the incoming mail server and enter hostname as imap.mail.att.net.
  • Now in the outgoing mail server enter the hostname as smtp.mail.att.net
  • Click on the save button.
  • Go to Settings>>SBCGlobal account>>Advanced and then enter Yes in SSL field, authentication should be password and 993 should be used as server port.
  • In the outgoing setting SSL should be YES , authentication should be password and 465 should be used as the server port. 

Congratulations! If you followed these steps correctly with precision then your sbcglobal email will be configured successfully on your iPhone.

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