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Ways to Fix Facebook Not Working On Your Phone
10 months ago

Over 5 billion installs have been done of Facebook and a number of people across the world use Facebook. But like any other app or website Facebook also has some technicality errors. There have been many complaints like FB not worked or Facebook has not been working. Even though Facebook is trying to solve these issues it might take time to fix them properly. So, in order to help you we in this article will be looking into the ways by which we can fix the issue of Facebook not working on your phone. 

    1. The first and the most basic step one must first check whether their Facebook app is up to date to the latest version or not. If not then you should update it to the latest version to avoid errors and problems. 


  • The users can also try to restart their device if the Facebook is not working, there might be some temporary issues that could be resolved by restarting your mobile device and then opening the Facebook app again. 
  • Cache might be a reason for your Facebook not working as it creates issues. So we must clear the cache by following the steps given below. 
  • Look for the Settings of your device. 
  • In the settings option, go for the Apps & notifications. Once you find it click on the Manage apps option. 
  • Navigate the Facebook app on the list. And once you are able to find it you have to open it.
  • You will find Storage & cache option there. Hit the Clear cache option and you are done. 

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