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How to fix AOL Mail not working issues?
11 months ago

Few common problems that are faced by the AOL users are:

  • AOL email will not be either working or loading.
  • You will keep on facing issues while you sign in to your account.
  • Mail will not respond or it may be too slow to respond or too slow to work. 
  • The huge error is when you can’t send mail from your account.
  • Same error like the previous one, you will not be able to receive mail in your account. 

The first step to do when you identify that your AOL email not working:

Just try this simple method, switch off your device and on it and check whether the error has disappeared. 

Or try switching on the aeroplane mode on and then off it, this can fix many errors that are in your device. Anyhow, it is not recommended to do this second option so many times. 

Methods to fix ‘Aol mail is not working’:

  • Method 1: Look at your internet connection, when you have a weak network connection; you will keep on facing errors. So it is advised to check your internet connection. You can run a speed test on your browser to check it out. 
  •  Method 2: Check whether your browser that you are using is the updated version. Old version will make your mail to keep on loading. 
  •  Method 3In case, if you are using an app, ensure that you are using the update app.
  •  Method 4: Another effective method is to clear all the cache or cookie in your browser or app. When a lump sum of cache is gathered in your browser or app, this is going to result in slowing of the device or you will face errors. 
  •  Method 5: Anti-virus protection on your device can also make your device slow down. To get rid of issues like this, turn off your antivirus protection temporarily.
  • If none of the above 5 methods work, then follow the method given below.
  •  Method 6Uninstall and reinstall the browser that you are using your AOL mail or swift to another browser and check whether your mail is working there. If it worked there, then the issue lies in the previous browser that you are using. 
  •  Method 7When the server of AOL is down, you will face errors like this, so to check whether there is a server problem, visit downdetector.

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