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How Do I Fix IMAP AOL Not Responding On My iPhone
11 months ago

Unlimited mailbox storage gives AOL users freedom and tension-free surfing on the email platform without any fear of clearing mails to provide space for next. Many iPhone users have lately complained that they aren’t able to operate IMAP AOL on their devices. IMAP. AOL not working on iPhone indicates a loading problem. With this error message, you won’t be able to receive or send any email via AOL, basically, you won’t have access to your mail until and unless this issue isn’t fixed.

Why is IMAP AOL not responding

  1. The weak internet connection can be a reason for AOL not being able to download properly.
  2. Heavy traffic of ongoing and incoming mail can create chaos resulting in IMAP not working
  3. Details aren’t entered correctly, such as password and username will enable to move further in the process
  4. IMAP AOL server might be down, which can also result in blockage to loading
  5. Bug arrival or some corrupt file attached with mail is also one of the important reasons for IMAP AOI not responding

How to fix IMAP AOL not responding in iPhone



  • Uninstall the AOL account and reinstall it again


Dysfunction of mail account can happen due to heavy load on it which can be fixed via uninstalling the previous version and reinstall the updated version

All you need to do is settings>account and password>email id not responding>click on red button>back button>settings>accounts and passwords>add account.


  • Disable security program


If any other security program is running along with the mail, disable it till the time you are logging into your IMAP AOL account 


  • Correct details entered 


Make sure whatever details like username and password you entering is correct and acceptable by AOL email account.


  • Manually configure IMAP connection


Incoming account type = IMAP

Incoming mail server= imap.aol.com

Entry door number= 993

Outgoing mail server = smtp.aol.com

Outgoing email address = AOL email

Outgoing port number = 587

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